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Finally, you can order my book Managing AI in the Enterprise: Succeeding with AI Projects and MLOps to Build Sustainable AI Organizations in your favorite bookstore, from the publisher Apress/SpringerLink, or any other shop such as Amazon!

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I aim to share my experience from various projects I worked on in the last years. Drop me a message, if you work on similar topics and want to write an article with me or look for a conference speaker.

You can contact me by email using my private email address: webcontact (at) klaus (minus) haller (dot) net or add me on LinkedIn and Xing with a short message.

My areas of expertise

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About myself …

I am a senior IT architect and IT project manager with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Originally from Germany, he has called Zurich, Switzerland, home for many years. He currently works as a senior security architect for a global insurance company, focusing on protecting public cloud infrastructures and data management and AI environments. Klaus is passionate about designing complex solutions that fit into corporate application landscapes. He understands the interplay between technology, operations, engineering, and the business from his previous experience in various roles such as software engineer, project and product manager, business analyst, process engineer, and solutions architect, typically managing 5-10 persons projects. My expertise includes core banking systems and credit applications, databases, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, data migration, public cloud, IT security, and IT risk management. Besides my work, I love hiking, astronomy, enjoy writing for magazines and online blogs.

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