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Upcoming talks in Stuttgart, Darmstadt, and Köln

I will present a new talk (in German) about changes in the testing area in the next years. My topic is how agile development models, apps on mobile devices, and the globalization of the sourcing processes in software development and testing influence test organizations.

I give the presentation during the OBJECTspektrum Information Days series in Stuttgart (April 1st), Darmstadt (April 2nd), and Köln (April 3rd). I am looking forward to see you there.

Information security risks in test environments – two new articles in German

Image courtesy of khunaspix /

Image courtesy of khunaspix /

Two articles appeared in the magazine “SQ-Magazin”. Both are in German and focus on risks in test environments (Testdaten als Risikofaktor) respectively on how data loss prevention tools address them (Data-Loss-Prevention-Tools minimieren Sicherheitslücken in Testumgebungen).