Software Quality Beyond Testing In House Code

Image courtesy of khunaspix at

Image courtesy of khunaspix at

Crucial software fails and management needs someone to blame? Blame the testers! They should find bugs before they get into production! Yes, even testers make mistakes. They might even sign-off software they are not convinced of. More often, however, issues are not caused by bugs in the tested code, but by other factors. This article discusses three of these factors. First, there are configuration parameters. They impact test coverage and test processes. Second, relying on suppliers implies specific quality risks. Third, the business aims themselves can cause issues. The aim of this paper is to discuss these three points and to provide a solution by enhancing standard software change processes. Smooth business processes need a stable IT landscape. Thus, IT departments spend time and money on testing their business applications. But what could be a reason for a tension between efficient testing and compliance needs?

Read the full article (written together with Rudolf Grötz) here

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