Why IT Security Departements (alone) Cannot Guarantee Secure Applications

Klaus Haller

Many business and IT professionals consider IT and information security as an incredibly important task – that someone else takes care of. Customers assume that the IT service provider is responsible. The business is sure that the IT department handles it. Software developers see the company’s IT security department in the lead. Such assumptions and mind-sets are dangerous. Every team has to know its responsibility, act accordingly, and collaborate with the rest of the organization. Therefore, we provide a high-level overview of how various teams can work together to protect the organization’s IT infrastructure, data, and information.

The Approach of Cloud Providers

Cloud providers frequently get unwanted press coverage. For example, The Hacker News writes on March 5th, 2020: “More than 200 million records containing a wide range of property-related information on US residents were left exposed on a …

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