Test Center Management



It is a major achievement of the testing community to establish the profession of testing and to establish centralized test centers in many companies and organizations. But what is going to influence test centers, their organizational forms and sourcing patterns over the next years? The following articles are a collection of my (and my colleagues) thoughts about the future challenges for managing test centers.

How Scrum Changes Test Centers looks on the impact of the major shift in software development. The majority of software development organizations switched or are currently switching from the V-model to agile software development. The article discusses the potential impact on test centers. An early, short article on this topic is available in German as well (SCRUM – Untergang der Test Center?)

Three New Technologies That Will Disrupt Your Test Organization discusses how changes in the IT department or the business impacts test centers. Obviously, the cloud and application service provisioning etc. impacts the amount and types of testing needed in the future.

Mobile Testing discuss the testing needs and specifics for mobile apps, especially if used in complex IT landscapes. The paper looks on the current critics coming from end users and discusses sourcing models for mobile testing.

Besides the articles, the following two videos provide more insight. The first one discusses the relationship between testing and agile software development methodologies. The second one looks at the challenges of testing applications that incorporate one or more databases.

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