Data & Information Management and Analytics

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay (CC0)

The ability to acquire, process, and manage data and information is essential for today’s organizations. While databases and data warehouses are well known and established technologies, the more recent trends such as data analytics, data insights, advanced analytics, and self-service business intelligence enables companies to move one step ahead of their competitors.

My article Trends in Data Management and Analytics provides a good overview of the various concepts and trends and their strategic positioning. The advantages of advanced analytics for sales in marketing on an operational and strategic level are explained in two articles (in German): Quick Wins im Vertrieb dank Predictive Analytics and Predictive Analytics und Marktbearbeitung – eine strategische Perspektive

Integrating or embedding analytics features in applications raises some testing and software quality issues. My article Data Analytics – Stolperfallen und Testbedarf (in German) elaborates the specific challenges.

Furthermore, I published short articles on data management on my LinkedIn blog (in German):