About me …

My passion is Cloud Security, AI, and Digital Transformation. In the daytime, I work as a Senior IT Security Architect. My areas of expertise span public clouds (Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure) and how to secure them, technical project and project management, IT operations, and information management, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Plus, I am a tech author working on articles in the early mornings or late evenings, reflecting and sharing my work experience. But most of all, I enjoy presenting and discussing with colleagues at conferences and workshops!

I aim to share my experience from various projects I worked on in the last years. Drop me a message, if you work on similar topics and want to write an article with me or look for a conference speaker.

You can contact me by email using my private email address: webcontact (at) klaus (minus) haller (dot) net or add me on LinkedIn and Xing with a short message.

My areas of expertise

Publications & Presentations

 Why IT Security Departments (alone) cannot guarantee secure applications, Hakin9, August 2020