Article: A detailed process model for large scale data migration projects

Authors: Klaus Haller, Florian Matthes, and Christopher Schulz
Published in: 15th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS’12), Vilnius, Lithuania 21-23 May, 2012

Abstract. Data migration projects might sound exotic. They are not. Instead, they are common in all medium and large enterprises, e.g., when replacing applications with new (standard) software or when consolidating the IT landscape in the aftermath of mergers and acquisitions activities. General-purpose methodologies such as Scrum focus on managing projects. However, they do not discuss (data-migration) domain-specific tasks. These tasks are the focus and contribution of this paper. It elaborates and compiles them into a process-model. The model defines the logical and temporal dependencies between the tasks and clarifies roles and responsibilities in a migration project. Thereby, the variety of used know-how-sources sets this paper apart from any previous work in this area. We synthesize not only existing literature and own project experience in the German automotive and the Swiss banking sector. We also incorporate the results of twenty-five qualitative interviews from various industry sectors guaranteeing a high validity and applicability of our findings.

Read the full paper:
A detailed process model for large scale data migration Projects (BIS’12)

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