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Sharing my experience with colleagues and offering an opportunity to discuss, that is my motivation for this website.



In case you are a practitioner in industry working on similar topics, I hope you find some good ideas in my papers. I talk frequently on conferences, but in-depth information is best shared in longer articles. However, I am also more than happy to hear about your experience and to learn from you. If you are in academic research and work on similar topics and look for an co-author from industry for a paper, I am interested in discussing this opportunity. Conference organizers looking also more than welcome to contact me. I am always interested in sharing my experience. I am experienced in giving talks in German and English.

You can contact me on by email on my private adress: webcontact (at)klaus-haller(dot)net


I spend my university years at the computer science departments at Technical University of Kaiserslautern and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) Zurich . During my studies in Kaiserslautern, I spend some months abroad at Carnegie Mellon University’s department of architecture when writing my semester thesis. Also, I took also  some business courses at the IWW Hagen.

Since several years, I work in the consulting industry, mainly for Swiss banks. My assignments require mostly a combination of technical know-how plus an understanding of organizations and business needs. Areas of expertise include project management, process (re)engineering and business analysis, core-banking systems and credit risk applications, test data management and test center organization, and compliance testing and IT risk management including ISO:27001.

For more information on my professional activities, visit one of my professional profiles on LinkedIn or on Xing.

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