Know-How Transfer in Core-Banking System Implementation Projects: A Case Study

In the last years, many Swiss banks replaced their old core-banking systems with new ones. Implementing a core baking-system requires that the bank, the software vendor, and the implementation partner collaborate. Crucial for the collaboration and the project success is planned and unplanned know- how transfer. This case study examines the know-how transfer in a core- banking system implementation project for a retail bank with around 200 project members. We describe the sourcing network and different roles people have with respect to know-how transfer. We elaborate the methods used within the project for know-how transfer and present first results of a study looking on their effectiveness. Thus, this paper gives project managers a good insight into know-transfer within a project and points out how to stimulate them successfully.

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This paper is joined work together with Marcel Heuberger and was presented at the Central and East European Conference on Software Engineering Techniques (CEE-SET 2009), Krakow, Poland, October 12-14, 2009